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OOB: Creating Your Own Custom Tiles in SharePoint 2013

When you open SharePoint 2013 Team Site, you will see a Metro Tiles Menu on home page.


The good news you can create your own custom tiles menu by using a new OOB List/App template that called : Promoted Links.

Create “Promoted Links” List

To do that, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Site Content
  2. Click on “Add an App”
  3. Select “Promoted Links”  list template from available lists
  4. After creating the list click new item to add a new link and details
  5. Fill data about the link as below (and make sure you upload Tiles images in picture library):

    • Title: the link title text
    • Background image location: the image URL and alternative text
    • Description: description text that will be shown when you mouse over the Tile
    • Link Location: the target URL.
    • Lunch Behavior: determine if you want to open URL in current page, new tab, or in modal dialogimage
    • Order: order number of the tile
  6. Repeat step 4 to add more linksimage

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OOB: How to Add YouTube or Embed Video to SharePoint 2010 Page Content

Many of SharePoint 2010 users like to add YouTube video or embedded videos to their content pages, and it is easy and fast to do that by using OOB Content Editor Web Part.

The following is the fast steps to do that:

  1. Go to YouTube video page and click on SHARE button, then click on Embed button. Click on “Use old embed code” checkbox and select the preferred width and height for your video.


  2. Copy the code in the text area and go to your SharePoint page, and click on Edit Page button.


  3. From the Ribbon, Insert a Content Editor Web Part


  4. Click on Edit Web Part to add the content
  5. From the Format Text Tab in Ribbon, Select and Click on Edit HTML Source,  and Paste the Embedded Code on Text Dialog


  6.  Click on OK button and Save and Publish the page to see you’re YouTube Video Smile



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