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Adding and Deploying SharePoint 2010 .WSP Solutions

Every SharePoint specialist is doing this process when deploy SP solution package on production server, so I write this article to keep it as a reference for me and share it with others to help and get feedback/ides for best practices.

In my Scenario, I have 2 WSP files:

  • NewSolutionPack.wsp (to add it as first time)
  • UpdateSolutionPack.wsp (to update an exist WSP file)
  • Target web application (http://sps:1)


The steps of deployment are easy:

1. Add solution to Farm Solutions

2. Deploy your solution to a specific web application or to all web applications

3. In case of exists solution, you will upgrade the solution using one of the following options:

a. Retract and delete the old solution, then add and deploy the new one

b. Or, upgrade the existing solution using upgrade method (recommended).

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